At such an early age and with the chips of life being what they were, my girlfriend, Julia changed all that by giving me my very first  experience windsurfing. We were 14 and my first extended glide powered up by the sail was all it took for me. I was addicted! Every sailor remembers those first moments! Who knew this moment would lead to a life-long dream on the seas, still to this day, playing in the waves and winds and all throughout this time coming to know our amazing marine life! Sailing with them, diving with dolphins and the annual migration of whales in the winter months. 

By my 18th birthday, I was off and running to become a pro sailor, an authentic dream something I felt to my core. I  started by moving to Maui calling it home base for several decades while I was sailing all over the world and creating new and interesting products for the ocean. Late in my sailing career, I was fortunate enough to travel and windsurf the entire coastline of South Africa 4 times over a period of 9 months. Many times I paused with wonder and gratitude for how fortunate I was.

I was  the first windsurfer to introduce the aerial loop, a move considered impossible at the time. I defeated the world champion several times at international competitions, but it soon became clear that being creative came natural to me which lead to an on-land inflatable tire   sailing system,  adapting a new  components for speed sailing and then to my  first product to see global success, the  world’s first floating “ Water Trampoline!”

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From the Water Trampoline, came another creative idea of your own electric-powered personal Water Hammock. After several prototypes and lots of fun taking my wife and dog (Kalea) we took the Water Hammock out to lakes, even to a baseball game at the AT&T Park in San Francisco where it received free national coverage and lots of interest right up until the 2008 financial crash.

After a few tough years we moved to Southern California and I began development of a multi-use craft we simply called the GT. The product was designed as a Kite Boarding learning craft, or disconnect the two paddle boards from the deck and paddle until the winds come up.

Around the same time, having been a paragliding pilot for years, I thought it would be amazing to put two teams in a stadium with a high-tech floating ball and in essence created a sport I call ParaBall Extreme. Our first prototype at the beach worked perfectly!

While all this has been incredibly fun, I had known of Sea Shepherd and Captain Paul Watson since the early 90’s. Over the years I began to read about ecology and what Sea Shepherd was doing to help stop many unspeakable acts of cruelty on marine life and it caused me to reflect upon what kind of world my daughter would have to face, if I did not get in there and use what I have to make it a better world for her and the oceans which has given me an absolutely amazing 35 year journey.

In 2015, the experts told us that we have lost 50% of our Wildlife in the past 40 years. In 2016, we were told of the north and South Pole ice is disappearing, irresponsible fishermen scientists say have fished out 70% of the ocean’s fish.  Marine life, whales, dolphins, squid, sharks and seals and many other species are rolling up dead in massive numbers on our beaches around the world and most countries have done nothing, but continue with business as usual, and disregard the warning signs.

If left unattended (and we are not) this has the potential to kill our oceans in our life time, and if the oceans die, we die as our Captain has warned us going into his 5th decade dealing specifically with our oceans.

Today, I support Sea Shepherd with everything I can. Recently, I made a request to bring in the kind of money that matches the size of the problem we are facing.  Money Sea Shepherd needs to correct the direction of a dying ocean.

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